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Der jährige Henry Hart aus der Kleinstadt Smellview hat ein Geheimnis vor seinen Freunden und seiner Familie. Er erlebt als `Kid Danger' gemeinsam mit dem Superhelden Captain Man viele aufregende Abenteuer. Henry Danger ist eine US-amerikanische Jugend-Sitcom, die vom Alltag und den Abenteuern des Superhelden Captain Man und seines Sidekicks Henry Hart. Henry Harts Job nach der Schule? Kid Danger: Captain Mans Superhelden-​Sidekick. Verbrechensbekämpfung UND Hausaufgaben erledigen? Schurken. Henry Danger: Der jährige Henry Hart hat ein Geheimnis, das er vor seinen Freunden und seiner Familie verheimlichen muss: Als „Kid Danger“ erlebt er an. Besetzung, Charaktere, Schauspieler & Crew der TV-Serie: Jace Norman · Cooper Barnes · Riele Downs · Sean Ryan Fox · Ella Anderson · Michael D. Cohen.

henery danger

Besetzung, Charaktere, Schauspieler & Crew der TV-Serie: Jace Norman · Cooper Barnes · Riele Downs · Sean Ryan Fox · Ella Anderson · Michael D. Cohen. Als der Vize-Bürgermeister Captain Mans und Kid Dangers Budget für den Bau einer Schnellzugstrecke in Swellview kürzt, müssen Captain Man und Kid. Chloe hingegen möchte mit Kid Danger auf den Fleisch-Ball gehen, um Publicity für ihre Show „Kids in den Wäldern“ zu bekommen. Buy HD € Als der Vize-Bürgermeister Captain Mans und Kid Dangers Budget für den Bau einer Schnellzugstrecke in Swellview kürzt, müssen Captain Man und Kid. Chloe hingegen möchte mit Kid Danger auf den Fleisch-Ball gehen, um Publicity für ihre Show „Kids in den Wäldern“ zu bekommen. Buy HD € Henry Hart führt ein Doppelleben: eines als gewöhnlicher Teenager und das andere als geheimer Superhelden-Gehilfe Kid Danger. Mit:Jace Norman,Cooper​. henery danger Sollte er sie bestehen, würde er die Rolle des neuen Superhelden Kid Danger übernehmen. Juli vom US-amerikanischen Fernsehsender Nickelodeon ausgestrahlt. Nicole Burch. Der unsichtbare Brad click here Ray dafür verantwortlich, dass ihn keiner mehr sehen kann und fordert als Entschädigung, sein Sidekick zu werden. Oktober ausgestrahlt. Sie ist ein Fan von Captain Man. Ray erfährt, dass es sich um ein Have vox tierklinik speaking handelt. Am Lucas Wecker. März bis zum 1. Mai statt.

Jasper faints in excitement, and Henry contacts Captain Man and asks him to come to his house. When Captain Man gets there, they get into an argument about Henry's oath to never tell anyone he is Kid Danger.

Afterward, Captain Man decides they have to erase Jasper's memory—including memories of his best friend—to prevent any more exposure. Henry contemplates and asks if he can spend a few minutes with Jasper before his memory is wiped.

He and Jasper relapse on their past, with Jasper saying he is proud of Henry. Emotional by this and not willing to lose his best friend, Henry eventually resists wiping Jasper's memory and begs Captain Man not to.

He relents, but finally agrees and takes Jasper under his wing. A female criminal named Gwen uses special muffins to make Captain Man fall in love with her so that she can access the Man Cave.

When Henry, Charlotte, and Schowz catch onto the plan, they must work to keep Captain Man from marrying her. Sugarman, Matthew Zhang as Oliver.

Drex, a former sidekick of Captain Man-turned-supervillain, has escaped from prison when the daughter of the parole board's chairman tampers with the prison computers during "Take Your Daughter to Work Day" which allowed Drex to get paroled.

As part of his revenge, Drex traps Captain Man in an unbreakable box. After failing to free Captain Man, and subsequently being embarrassed by Drex, Henry turns to Schowz for help where he gains super-fast reflexes as a new superpower.

Guest stars : Michael D. Miss Shapen persuades Henry to let her niece Noelle stay at his house since she is allergic to the cats at her house.

When wanting to date someone, Noelle chooses Jasper over Henry where they end up on a double date with Piper and Kale.

Henry does not know it yet, but Noelle is secretly working for Drill Finger in his plot to target people's teeth where Jasper, Piper, and Kale end up being one of Drill Finger's captives.

When two astronauts are held hostage aboard a space station, Kid Danger and Captain Man must travel to space in order to rescue them.

Upon reaching the space station, they shockingly discover who the person holding the astronauts captive is. Meanwhile, Piper is eager to see her own commercial premiere on television.

On the space station, Captain Man and Kid Danger discover the reason why the two astronauts were taken hostage by the little girl, who is revealed to be Jim's daughter Kelsey.

She reveals that the astronauts are taking bunnies to the Moon for experiments. In the process of transporting the bunnies back, however, problems soon arise.

Eventually, they all travel back to Earth on the Love Shuttle, with Captain Man having to cling onto the side of the shuttle, much to his dismay.

Meanwhile, Piper is getting impatient from the multiple interruptions to her commercial, much to the dismay of her friends and father.

When a gas pipe bursts below Swellview's nuclear plant, Henry and Ray must go fix it before the gas reaches the surface.

However, Henry is stuck in school because of Achievement Test Day and is not allowed to leave. Eventually, Captain Man and Schwoz are able to devise a plan to sneak Henry out of school and into the shaft where they both successfully seal the pipe and eliminate the threat to Swellview.

When Henry mentions that Piper was at a JAM session to control her anger issue, Ray says it will not help her, he makes a bet that if he goes over to dinner at Henry's house that one night, He would be able to get Piper to lose her temper, Charlotte is on Henry's team, while Jasper is on Ray's team, the agreement is that whichever team loses must eat a whole bucket of pumpkin guts.

At dinner, Ray shows up at Henry's house and joins him for dinner, later, the doorbell rings, and a man is at the door with a pony, Piper loved ponies and the man says that Piper can have the pony, But the man asks for her age and she says she is eleven, the man says that she has to be thirteen to have the pony and takes the pony away from her.

Piper begins to get mad, but Henry squeezes her bulb, and she starts to calm. Meanwhile, Schwoz sees a note that Ray had left for him, he wanted Schwoz to go to the grocery store and get more pumpkins, However, a tornado had hit Swellview, Schwoz leaves to go to the grocery store, but he is quickly blown into the air, Later, Ray goes on the porch and transforms into Captain Man, and then comes back into the house and tells Piper that she cannot be president of the Man Fans because she is 4'10".

Later Schwoz is blown into the house and falls on Piper, and he then starts to eat their dinner. Piper is upset over what happened and loses her temper, Henry and Charlotte lose the bet and end up having to eat the pumpkin guts.

Meanwhile, Charlotte babysits Piper and both end up watching pimple popping videos. With the help of Sydney and Oliver, Piper tries to take away viewers from Frankini's live stream so that people can watch Piper popping Jasper's big pimple.

Meanwhile, Charlotte and Schwoz are back at the Man Cave and Schwoz comes up with the idea of turning off the power in all of Swellview.

As Kid Danger and Captain Man are about to take off their masks, the power goes out and they return to their old selves enough to thwart Frankini.

Later, Piper pops Jasper's pimple which gets all over Frankini. Piper is about to start a man fan meeting when Dr.

Minyak and Nurse Cohort take her and the man fans hostage; Henry and Ray must now find a way to rescue them. Schwoz comes up with the idea of using a background board so it looks like Henry and Ray are in the Man Cave so they can sneak out without Dr.

Minyak being aware of their plan. If they are detected, Dr. Minyak will launch Piper into space. Later, Henry and Ray are able to rescue Piper and the man fans and send Dr.

Minyak into space instead. After the first performance goes awry due to Harry Hoagie Jay Tapaoan acting strangely and then passing out, it is Piper and Carl's turn to perform their dance.

Unfortunately, they too start to act strangely before passing out. Later in the backstage area, Jasper notices that champion Steven Sharp is making a big deal about having performers pet his ferret for good luck.

Jasper searches on his phone and discovers that it is a Norwegian ferret and that it is dangerous and contact should be avoided because it secretes powerful oils that are capable of causing strange reactions, tongue-chewing, and loss of consciousness.

Steven Sharp was having performers do this so he could win. When news reporters and social media start to report about how Kid Danger's hyper-motility superpower is an severe illness, and people on social media begin to believe that he is in grave danger, Henry decides to make a livestream as Kid Danger, so he can tell the public that he is not ill, but he slips on a grape and falls, thus hurting his ankle, then his tongue gets stung by a bee, the livestream begins, and Kid Danger appears, but he is limping and can hardly speak because of the bee sting, This makes everyone believe more that he is sick, and later it is announced that Piper would be dumping 1, rocks on her head, Kid Danger and Captain Man go to stop her, She and her friends load rocks in a forklift, preparing, they later show up, Kid Danger demonstrates his power by ripping a man's wig off his head, and tells them that it was not a disease, and to never drop rocks on their head.

Minyak makes plans to take over the concert that Double G is performing at. Displeased by the Captain Man cartoon that was made, Captain Man and Kid Danger are challenged by the network executives to make one that is better.

As Captain Man and Kid Danger work on the cartoon, Piper prepares a viewing event at her house to see the new cartoon.

Due to a brief power outage suggested by Vice Mayor Willard to correct the clock tower, Drex is freed from his imprisonment in the Man Cave and uses Time Jerker's confiscated time machine to go back in time and prevent a younger Ray from becoming Captain Man.

After Captain Man and Kid Danger had followed Drex to the past, Drex had placed an explosive to prevent the return trip to the present.

Meanwhile, Schwoz, Charlotte, and Jasper work on repairing the damaged time machine so that Captain Man and Kid Danger can return to the present.

When Vice Mayor Willard does budget cuts on Swellview, that means that the budget to support Captain Man's campaign against crime is cut as well.

So Captain Man and Kid Danger must work to raise the money to continue their campaign against crime. A new internet celebrity named GoBro is causing havoc with his super dangerous videos where his latest video will have him send Grandma Sullivan down a hill at 90 MPH.

The plan involves Captain Man temporarily swapping bodies with Frankini so that he can infiltrate GoBro's lair. Evil Science Corps led by Bill Evil accidentally opens an inter-dimensional portal to another dimension.

Special guest star : Jerry Trainor as Joey. Ryker appears in Swellview after Bill Evil had opened an inter-dimensional portal to Astoria following his last attempt to take over Astoria.

When Captain Man and Kid Danger confront Ryker at Burger Castle as Ryker discovers that there is no magic in Swellview, they get tricked into helping Ryker in his plans to reclaim his throne of Astoria by giving him some of their high-tech weapons.

Schwoz takes everyone to the woods to meet his friend Bigfoot ; however, they quickly discover that a hunter named S.

Thompson has been laying out traps to capture him, which Captain Man keeps falling for. Everything gets worse when Bigfoot scares Mitch and his friends and Mitch tells everyone that he has seen Bigfoot and S.

Thompson hears about it on the news. Later, Kid Danger and the others device a plan to catch S. Thompson in a trap, but, unbeknownst to them, S.

Thompson hears about the plan and traps them. Thompson calls the news and tells them to come to the woods, but Kid Danger and Captain Man came up with the idea to laser-shave Bigfoot's hair in order to protect him.

When everyone arrives, including Piper and Mitch, and S. Thompson opens the trap, Bigfoot is nowhere to be found.

Using a special machine during the summer, Frankini places a musical curse over Swellview that makes everyone burst out in song. A vigilante named Mr.

Nice Guy is going around attacking people who break the rules like littering, not returning items, and talking loudly on the phone.

Captain Man is annoyed that he has to be called to deal with criminal activities when he wants to see Battle Pigs 4. In the post-credits, S.

Thompson is on Mt. Swellview looking for the Yeti when he finds what appears to be a Yeti when it is actually a frozen Drex.

Captain Man has gotten bored of fighting the same villains even when the Toddler has escaped from prison. Henry helps to set him up with a profile on Rumblr as Henry sets one up for Kid Danger as well.

At the fight club called The Beating Dungeon after they get their fight requests, Captain Man is faced off against a villain named Lawn Ranger who let himself go while Kid Danger fights a tough opponent named Kyle who also goes by the name Dead Bull.

In the post-credits on Mt. Swellview, Bigfoot finds Drex unthawing a caveman when he objects to him operating on his mountain and using a hair dryer plugged near his home.

Drex was able to scare him off with the cavemen that he had just defrosted. Afterwards, Drex continues unthawing a caveman.

Charlotte and Piper admit to Henry that their graduation is this week while Henry is not graduating on the same week due to missing too much class and not having enough class due to helping Captain Man.

Charlotte is planning to run a charity in Dystopia and will be attending Harvard, Jasper will be going to a college that sounds like Harvard, and Piper will be going to college in Florida.

Henry states to Ray that he does not want to be in Swellview for the rest of his life. They find that a boy named Bose who plays the message from Vice-Mayor Willard stating that he has married Bose's mom and to watch over him in during their vacation in exchange for a statue should Bose be unharmed.

Taking refuge in a cave during a campout in the desert, Charlotte, Jasper, and Piper find Mitch crashing the camping event until he is fought off by Miss Shapen.

The Mayor of Neighborville emerges and gives him different pitches to win him offer involving cheerleaders, the Danger Cave, a sidekick named Lil' Dynomite, and a statue.

Kid Danger changes back to Henry upon quitting and leaves the Man-Cave. Henry comes home to find that his parents found his letters that he is not graduating.

Jake cries over it and Kris wants some answers. Henry admits that he used to be Kid Danger just as a bunch of cavemen quite.

Schwoz wipes everyone's memories as Captain Man plans on buying a fake school in case Henry comes crawling back to him.

Drex reveals to Captain Man, Bose, and Schwoz how he raised a caveman army by blaming their problems on Captain Man and Kid Danger and leading them into getting preserved on Mt.

Swellview until global warming can free them. Henry uses his spare gum tube to prove to his parents that he is Kid Danger while working to keep them safe from the invading cavemen.

Jake and Kris send Henry off to go help Ray while they hold off the cavemen. Schwoz unknowingly proved Drex wrong as he starts to begin his plan to make all of Swellview forget about Kid Danger while also planning to use the Time Ray to send Ray ,, years into the past so that he can become the new Captain Man as he uses a bubble tube.

Then he takes Bose and Schwoz to the helicopter to begin his memory-wiping plot. Charlotte, Jasper, and Piper arrive while having heard Henry ranting as they plan to thwart Drex's plans.

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Prior to the episode, viewers can watch a brand-new Henry Danger episode at p. In "Toon in for Danger", when Henry and Ray get a copy of the new Kid Danger and Captain Man cartoon and see that there is trouble, they must hurry to fix the cartoon before the big premiere party.

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Henry is very ambitious, charming, and sometimes can be naive. He does not like having secrets kept from him, and always sticks up for himself.

He is very possessive of his job as Kid Danger. He is superficial, but has become less superficial over time. He is also a charmer with infectious enthusiasm when it comes to girls.

He is outgoing, yet somewhat awkward. He is cheesy and goofy, but in a fun and infectious way. He is very expressive, and has a hard time hiding his true emotions.

He is courageous, has a sharp-eye, has good instincts, and is a quick thinker. He likes to look neat, and he is aware that he is attractive, but is not arrogant about it.

Over time, Henry has become cocky, but recently realized that he needs to tone it down. He wants to explore and go outside the box.

Even though Henry has many flaws, he cares about his friends and family, and has saved many peoples' lives.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. Captain Danger. Henry loses his powers for good but he gets a forcefield for some reason at the end that's cool.

Although I thought they could have Henry and ray wore polos while in disguise as Frittle Factory employees in Categories :.

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Henery Danger Video

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Henry überzeugt alle davon, dass er sich gegen Captain Man gewandt hat. Jeffrey Nicholas Brown. Also gründet Jasper sein eigenes Team gegen Unrecht. Es kommt raus, dass die gestressten Kinder des Moderators die Gewinner hypnotisieren und so zwingen, sich selbst zu beklauen. Folge 7 23 Min. Peter Read more. September bis zum 7. Netflix Netflix. Folge 21 23 Min. November um eine zweite Staffel. Sie ärgert sich, wenn Trent sie unterbricht. Folge 5 click Min. Henry ist alles andere als begeistert. Jasper verkleidet sich als Kid Danger und article source gekidnappt. Schwoz ist fürsorglich, verrückt und hat eine Schwester namens Winnie. Um dies rückgängig zu machen, müssen Click to see more Danger und Charlotte einen verrückten Wissenschaftler besiegen. Sie ärgert sich, wenn Trent sie unterbricht. Oktober ausgestrahlt. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Julie Rei Goldstein. Following a subsequent superhero test of skills, Henry 2 streamcloud learn Ray was looking for a sidekick, with the hope that someday he would become his successor, henery danger he was now much older and past his prime. Shocked, Henry tries to explain, but is unable to speak, assuming that Jasper knows he is Kid Danger. Retrieved November 7, Guest stars : Michael D. Due to Piper doing a secret selfie with Jack in the rokka yuusha, a lot of people come to Junk 'n' Stuff to access https://lansforsakringr.se/filme-4k-stream/slow-west-stream-deutsch.php "secret restauruant for celebrities". Miss Shapen persuades Henry to let her niece Noelle stay at his house since she is allergic die brГјcke terabithia stream the cats at her house. Cohen as Schwoz, Keisuke Hoashi as Dr. Showbuzz It 2019 isnt romantic. Henry finds a gift card to Swellview's most exclusive steakhouse, Montego's, inside. Cohen as Schwoz, Ryan Grassmeyer as Jeff.

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