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Victoria war die Hauptantagonistin in New Moon und Eclipse. Sie war Gründungsmitglied von James. James und Victoria waren die beiden Hauptvampire im Zirkel ihres eigenen Clans. Sie waren Gefährten vor dem Beginn von Twilight und Antagonisten in der​. Twilight Drama: Was passierte mit Victoria? Quellen zufolge soll Rachelle Lefevre möglicherweise aus finanziellen Gründen von Bryce Dallas. "Ich war der 'Twilight'-Saga und der Darstellung von Victoria absolut verpflichtet. Ich habe verschiedene andere Filmrollen abgelehnt und. Victoria was the main antagonist in New Moon and Eclipse. She was a founding member of James's coven with the power of enhanced self-preservation, and.

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James und Victoria waren die beiden Hauptvampire im Zirkel ihres eigenen Clans. Sie waren Gefährten vor dem Beginn von Twilight und Antagonisten in der​. Twilight Drama: Was passierte mit Victoria? Quellen zufolge soll Rachelle Lefevre möglicherweise aus finanziellen Gründen von Bryce Dallas. - Olivia Fox hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. victoria twilight

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Aber mit den Cullens war sie geduldig. Sie hat das more info ein paar Gründen getan. Noch sollten sie ihre Wolfsformen bei Tageslicht erhalten können. Sie wurde einem Clan weiblicher Vampire vorgestellt und sie lebten ein glückliches Leben, bevor die Volturi auftauchten und behaupteten, dass sie die Menschen zu sehr "angezogen" und ihre Anführerin Hilda getötet wurde remarkable the hallow stream deutsch something ein anderes Mitglied, Heidiin ihren Zirkel mitgenommen hätten. In dem Film findet Victoria Bella im Wasser und versucht, sich auf sie zuzubewegen, doch Jacob zieht Bella heraus, bevor Victoria versuchen konnte, Bella zu töten. Riley kämpfte gegen Sethwährend Victoria gegen Victoria twilight kämpfte; Edward versuchte Riley davon zu überzeugen, dass Victoria ihn nicht liebte. Anmelden Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel Abschiedsshow auf verschoben vor 24 Stunden. Die Cullens waren fort, und alles, was sie tun musste, war, an den Wölfen vorbeizukommen, um sie zu töten.

Victoria at the prom in Twilight. In the first 6 months after James's death, Victoria created 15 newborns—and killed roughly 4 humans to every one that survived as a vampire.

One of the first was Diego ; one of the last—of this period—was Raoul. Fred was also created during this period. About half of this first wave did not survive during Victoria's absence.

Her gift forewarned her when Edward was hunting her, just as it had with James. She left Riley behind to mind the other newborns she'd created.

Passing through Texas, she ran up against a territorial coven with a small force of newborns. The encounter inspired her to use her newborns as an army to exact revenge on Edward by killing Bella: a way to make him feel the same pain that she'd felt when James died.

When she was sure she'd thrown Edward off her trail, she headed back to Seattle. She tracked Laurent down in Alaska and, feigning friendship, she gleaned all information he'd learned about the Cullens from the Denalis.

She asked him to do her a favor: visit the Cullens and see if they were all still with Bella. It was a win-win for Victoria; if Edward was back in Forks, she assumed he would kill Laurent when he saw the connection to Victoria in his head.

If not, Laurent would bring back news of the girl's location and how many protected her. Victoria in a deleted scene from New Moon.

Meanwhile, she created more newborns, leaving them under Riley's care, in case she ended up having to go through the full coven to get to Bella.

After thinking carefully about Alice and her gift, Victoria put Riley in charge of making all the decisions about the newborns' movements.

She made no plans to use them for anything concrete and thought about them as little as possible. Laurent called Victoria once to report that the Cullen house was empty and he would look around to see if Bella had gone with them.

She heard nothing more from Laurent and went to investigate, and discovered the werewolves. This was an unforeseen problem.

James had tracked a werewolf once, for the challenge of it. He'd been successful, as usual. But the wolves were supposed to be nearly extinct, not traveling in large packs.

Nor should they be able to maintain their wolf forms in the daylight. This was worrying, but secondary to the fact that Victoria had crossed a fresh trail left by Bella.

The Cullens were gone, and all she had to do was get past the wolves to kill her. No matter how hard she tried, the werewolves always found her and her survival instincts got the better of herself.

However, with the Cullens absent, she was patient. Then one night, she caught Alice's scent and knew her hopes for an easy kill were over.

It did not take long before all the Cullens returned. In the movie , Victoria finds Bella in the water and attempts to make a move on her, but Jacob drags Bella out before she could try.

After the Cullens returned to Forks , Riley and the newborns became her first priority: She created more and more of them, until Seattle was nearly overrun, but had managed to evade Alice 's vision by hiding in the shadows and letting Riley select the members.

Victoria made continuous feints into the area around Forks, gathering information and hoping that the Cullens would believe these fruitless attacks were all that she had up her sleeve.

She later sent Riley to get an article of Bella 's clothing, her red blouse, to give her scent to the other newborns and get them into action, while testing the blind spots in Alice's vision at the same time.

One night, the Volturi came to Victoria and Riley and gave her a five-day limit to fulfill her army's purpose, which explains why they made a decision to attack the Cullens when they did.

Moments after the encounter, one of the members, Diego told Riley about what he had discovered about sunlight's effects on vampires.

Riley had hoped that Victoria would spare him, but meeting the Volturi made her paranoid and she wanted to move as fast as possible and then escape.

By tormenting Diego to death, she extracted all information out of him and forced Riley to either side with her or against her.

Riley reluctantly sided with her and helped kill Diego, much to his dismay. Knowing that she could completely trust him now, she ordered him to prepare the army to attack the Cullens and manipulate them into the same mindset.

In Eclipse , Bella Swan figured out Victoria's plan and gave her realization to the Cullens , and subsequently the Uley pack.

The two groups began planning strategy for the upcoming struggle. On the day of the fight , while her army was fighting with the Cullens and wolves, she tracked down Edward 's scent with Riley and followed it to Edward's and Bella's hiding place.

She had planned to use Riley to distract Edward while she made her move on Bella. Riley momentarily hesitated when Edward told him that Victoria only used him, but she persuaded him otherwise.

She attempted to escape when Seth attacked Riley, drawing away her object of distraction, but Edward taunted her relationship to James , angering her to the point that she warred with her survival instincts.

She fought Edward while Riley battled Seth. After Seth killed Riley, Victoria tried to escape again, but Edward caught her and immediately ripped her head off.

Victoria's and Riley's remains were then burned, while her newborn army was defeated by the other Cullens and the pack.

Victoria in the forest in Twilight. Victoria was described as being 5'6" tall, with long, curly, brilliant orange hair that was usually described as looking like fire with the usual blood red eyes of a vampire.

She had green eyes as a human. She moved at a feline pace with perfect, lethal steps, as of her agility. When Bella heard Victoria speak for the first time in Eclipse , she described her voice as 'belonging to blond curls and pink bubblegum', and can pass for a helpless girl to lure in a bait.

Victoria was shown to have a mysterious but elegant personality. She could best be described as calculating, however she was frequently bloodthirsty, whether it was when she was dying to kill Bella for her delicious blood on the baseball field in Twilight or when she was stalking Bella for revenge in New Moon and Eclipse.

She is also marked as one of the most persistent and ruthless characters in the series. Like most archetypical vampires and femme fatales, she was seductively charming and vain.

As seen in Eclipse , Victoria was shown to be very manipulative and was willing to use others to achieve her own goals.

Victoria manipulated Riley by telling him she loved him in order to get revenge on Bella and the Cullens, though she thought of him as nothing more than a pawn.

In The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner , she was also petulant and spoiled, but at the same time overly cautious to the point of paranoia and vindictiveness.

For self-preservation, she would go through any measure she deemed necessary. Despite all this, she was also paranoid and easily intimidated by dangers, and would do anything to survive.

In the films, her personality was described as calculating and sinister, though self-preservation was still her top priority.

Victoria was a very capable fighter, and Bella describes her as "lethal", since even Edward, who could read her mind and was an equal fighter to Jasper, couldn't finish her immediately.

They danced for a thrilling while, woven in a deadly blur. However, her ability was based more on her gift of self-preservation than on fighting skills; according to Stephenie Meyer, "her feet were dragged to safe spots and places".

Victoria's special ability was enhanced self-preservation, which is how she was able to escape being killed by the Quileute wolves and the Cullens in Twilight , New Moon and Eclipse.

This ability was carried over because, as a human, she was a servant mistreated by her abusive masters. She had learned to hide from her masters for long periods of time.

Also, when she ran away by herself, she was excellent at sneaking into houses, stealing food, and sleeping somewhere safe without any person or animal knowing.

Edward identified her ability as self-preservation, which was the instinctive desire to do what is necessary to stay alive. This ability worked by sensing when her life was in danger, how to evade an enemy's approach and where to run in order to get away.

Because of this ability, she became a prominent threat to Bella and the Cullens, as it was impossible to catch her and she made persistent attempts to destroy them.

In Eclipse , Edward angered Victoria enough to make her resist her survival instincts, but that brought her to her death when Edward ripped her body apart and burnt the pieces.

Victoria had an older sister named Anne , and once belonged to a coven of six vampires. Later, she is tracked down by werewolves and Charlie and ends up causing Harry to have a heart attack.

In Eclipse , she forms a pack of newborn vampires to go after Bella, knowing that they will be virtually unstoppable.

She manipulates Riley Biers into helping her and being the front man of the operation, while she orchestrates from behind the scenes.

During the battle, she and Riley attack Bella and Edward on the mountain, only for Riley to be killed by Seth. Victoria attempts to flee until Edward tricks her into staying and fighting by badmouthing James.

Aber mit den Cullens war sie geduldig. Dann, eines Nachts, fing sie Alice' Duft ein und wusste, dass ihre Hoffnungen auf ein leichtes Töten vorbei waren.

Es dauerte nicht lange, bis alle Cullens zurückkehrten. In dem Film findet Victoria Bella im Wasser und versucht, sich auf sie zuzubewegen, doch Jacob zieht Bella heraus, bevor Victoria versuchen konnte, Bella zu töten.

Nachdem die Cullens nach Forks zurückgekehrt waren, wurden Riley und die Neugeborenen zu ihrer ersten Priorität: Sie kreierte mehr und mehr von ihnen, bis Seattle fast überrannt wurde, aber es geschafft hatte, sich in den Schatten zu verstecken und Riley die Mitglieder auswählen zu lassen, um sich so vor Alice ' Visionen zu verbergen.

Victoria machte fortwährende Täuschungen in der Gegend um Forks, sammelte Informationen und hoffte, dass die Cullens glauben würden, dass diese fruchtlosen Angriffe alles waren, was sie in ihrem Ärmel hatte.

Sie schickte Riley später, um einen Artikel von Bellas Kleidung zu holen, ihre rote Bluse, um den anderen Neugeborenen ihren Duft zu geben und sie in Aktion zu bringen, während sie gleichzeitig die blinden Flecken in Alice' Vision prüfte.

Eines Nachts kamen die Volturi zu Victoria und Riley und gaben ihr ein fünftägiges Limit, um den Zweck ihrer Armee zu erfüllen, weshalb sie sich entschieden, die Cullens anzugreifen, als sie es taten.

Augenblicke nach der Begegnung, eines der Mitglieder, erzählte Diego Riley von dem, was er über die Auswirkungen des Sonnenlichts auf Vampire herausgefunden hatte.

Riley hatte gehofft, dass Victoria ihn verschonen würde, aber als sie die Volturi traf, wurde sie paranoid und sie wollte sich so schnell wie möglich bewegen und dann entkommen.

Indem sie Diego zu Tode quälte, extrahierte sie alle Informationen aus ihm heraus und zwang Riley zu ihr. Riley schloss sich ihr widerwillig an und half ihr Diego zu töten, sehr zu seiner Bestürzung.

Da sie wusste, dass sie ihm jetzt vollkommen vertrauen konnte, befahl sie ihm, die Armee darauf vorzubereiten, die Cullens anzugreifen und sie in dieselbe Denkweise zu manipulieren.

Die beiden Gruppen begannen die Strategie für den bevorstehenden Kampf zu planen. Riley zögerte kurz, als Edward ihm sagte, dass Victoria ihn nur benutzte, aber sie überredete ihn anders.

Sie versuchte zu entkommen, als Seth Riley angriff und ihr das Objekt der Ablenkung wegnahm, aber Edward verhöhnte ihre Beziehung zu James und verärgerte sie so sehr, dass sie mit ihren Überlebensinstinkten kämpfte.

Sie kämpfte gegen Edward, während Riley gegen Seth kämpfte. Nachdem Seth Riley getötet hatte, versuchte Victoria wieder zu entkommen, aber Edward fing sie auf und riss ihr sofort den Kopf ab.

Victorias und Rileys Überreste wurden dann verbrannt, während ihre neugeborene Armee von den anderen Cullens und dem Rudel besiegt wurde.

Victoria im Wald in Twilight. Sie hatte grüne Augen als Mensch. Sie bewegte sich in einem katzenartigen Tempo mit perfekten, tödlichen Schritten, wie von ihrer Beweglichkeit.

Als Bella hörte, dass Victoria zum ersten Mal in Eclipse sprach, beschrieb sie ihre Stimme als "gehört zu blonden Locken und rosa Kaugummi", und kann für ein hilfloses Mädchen in einen Köder locken.

Victoria zeigte eine geheimnisvolle, aber elegante Persönlichkeit. Sie konnte am besten als berechnend beschrieben werden, obwohl sie oft blutrünstig war, sei es, wenn sie Bella wegen ihres köstlichen Blutes auf dem Baseballfeld in Twilight töten wollte oder wenn sie Bella wegen Rache in New Moon und Eclipse anpirschte.

Sie ist auch als einer der hartnäckigsten und rücksichtslosesten Charaktere in der Serie gekennzeichnet. Wie die meisten archetypischen Vampire und Femme Fatales war sie verführerisch charmant und eitel.

Wie in Eclipse zu sehen war, erwies sich Victoria als sehr manipulativ und war bereit, andere zu benutzen, um ihre eigenen Ziele zu erreichen.

Victoria manipulierte Riley , indem sie ihm sagte, dass sie ihn liebte, um sich an Bella und den Cullens zu rächen, obwohl sie ihn für nichts weiter hielt als eine Schachfigur.

In Bis s zum ersten Sonnenstrahl war sie auch bockig und verwöhnt, aber gleichzeitig übervorsichtig bis zur Paranoia und Rachsucht.

Trotz all dem war sie auch paranoid und leicht von Gefahren eingeschüchtert und würde alles tun, um zu überleben. In den Filmen wurde ihre Persönlichkeit als berechnend und unheimlich beschrieben, obwohl die Selbsterhaltung immer noch ihre oberste Priorität war.

Victoria war eine sehr fähige Kämpferin und Bella beschreibt sie als "tödlich", da selbst Edward, der ihre Gedanken lesen konnte und ein gleichwertiger Kämpfer für Jasper war, sie nicht sofort töten konnte.

Sie tanzten für eine aufregende Weile, verwoben in einer tödlichen Unschärfe. Diese Fähigkeit wurde übertragen, weil sie als ein Mensch, ein Dienstmädchen war, die von ihren missbräuchlichen Meistern misshandelt wurde.

Sie hatte gelernt, sich lange Zeit vor ihren Herren zu verstecken. Auch wenn sie alleine davongelaufen war, war sie hervorragend darin, sich in Häuser zu schleichen, Essen zu stehlen und irgendwo in Sicherheit zu schlafen, ohne dass irgendjemand von ihr wusste.

Edward identifizierte ihre Fähigkeit als Selbsterhaltung, was der instinktive Wunsch war, das Notwendige zu tun, um am Leben zu bleiben.

Diese Fähigkeit funktionierte, indem sie spürte, wann ihr Leben in Gefahr war, wie man sich der Annäherung eines Feindes entziehen kann und wo man laufen muss, um wegzukommen.

Aufgrund dieser Fähigkeit wurde sie zu einer prominenten Bedrohung für Bella und den Cullens, da es unmöglich war, sie zu fangen und sie versuchte hartnäckig, sie zu zerstören.

In Eclipse verärgerte Edward Victoria genug, um sie dazu zu bringen, ihren Überlebensinstinkten zu widerstehen, aber das brachte sie in ihren Tod, als Edward ihren Körper auseinanderriss und die Stücke verbrannte.

Victoria hatte eine ältere Schwester namens Anne und gehörte einst einem Zirkel von sechs Vampiren. Riley Biers war eine Schachfigur, den sie geschaffen hatte, um ihn mit Hingabe zu täuschen.

James war Victorias Gefährte. Sie traf ihn zum ersten Mal auf einer Jagd. Er bemerkte ihren Geruch und beschloss sofort, sie zu jagen.

Er hat sie monatelang verfolgt. Sie entkam ihm jedoch immer wieder, als er ihr nahe kam. Interessiert, beschloss James, sie nicht zu töten, und fühlte, dass es beim Spielen tödlicher Spiele immer gut ist, eine Partnerin zu haben, der entkommen kann.

Er wusste das nicht, weil er sie nicht mehr verletzen wollte, ihre Gabe funktionierte nicht so effektiv. Sie nahm vorsichtig an und sie schlossen sich zusammen.

Victoria begann sich schnell in James zu verlieben. Sie liebte seine rücksichtslose Persönlichkeit und bösartige Natur.

Er fand sie eine leidenschaftliche Liebhaberin, die in jeder Situation an seiner Seite sein würde. Victoria erwies sich als wichtiger Teil von James' Zirkel.

In jeder Situation, in der er Schwierigkeiten hatte, zu entkommen, würde sie ihm helfen zu entkommen. Sie war es auch, die sagte, dass sie mehr als nur die beiden in ihrem Zirkel brauchten.

Deshalb hatten sie oft mehr Vampire in ihrem Zirkel. Es waren jedoch meist nur die Beiden. Als sie das Gebiet von Forks betraten, erkannten sie sofort den Duft der Cullens.

Victoria bites and changes Riley when he is approximately Bella's age in Eclipse. Once Riley ages and gains some control, he helps to lead Victoria's army of newborn vampires.

He performs his work faithfully because of his love for Victoria, which she pretends to return.

In a battle between the army of newborns and the Cullens at the end of Eclipse , Edward voices Riley's concern that Victoria has been lying to him.

Edward tries to convince Riley to stop fighting by explaining Victoria's true motives, but in the end Victoria bolsters Riley's faith in her and he is destroyed by Edward and Seth Clearwater.

Bree Tanner was a young vampire created by Victoria as a part of the newborn army that attacks the Cullens in Eclipse. While she was human, Riley found her and brought her to Victoria, who bit and changed her.

Her age is said to be 15 or 16, and she is described as petite with chin-length black hair. Because of her youth and her willingness to surrender, the Cullens spare her life during the newborn attack, and Carlisle even offers to make her part of the family.

When the Volturi arrive, however, Jane orders her destroyed by Felix despite her innocence. Stephenie Meyer's novella The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner , which is written from Bree's perspective, tells of Bree's life as a newborn vampire and her interactions with Riley, the Cullens, and other members of the newborn army.

Maria is the only permanent member of the Mexican coven centered in Monterrey , Mexico. She was formerly a member of the Monterrey coven, which was eventually wiped out and left Maria as the only survivor.

Together with Lucy and Nettie , the only surviving members of the Northern Texas and Arkansas covens, respectively, the coven became known, as with other covens in Mexico, for their tact in using newborns as soldiers, whom they dispose of after they cease to be newborns.

Maria also bit and recruited Jasper Hale as her second-in-command for his ability to influence other people's emotions, and also Peter on Jasper's request.

After discovering that Lucy and Nettie were plotting to overthrow her, Maria killed them with Jasper's help.

However, Maria has to lead the coven alone when Peter fell in love with a newborn, Charlotte, and ran away with her to become nomads, while Jasper eventually followed them due to his increasing disapproval over the coven's way of life.

They are described as tall and intimidating, with dark skin, long hair, and clothes made of animal fur. Most vampires have never heard of them, not even the Volturi, as they prefer to have a reclusive life in the Pantanal against humans and vampires alike, only occasionally going out to feed on humans.

The Cullens only discovered them when they happened to cross paths with them while they were hunting during their trip to South America.

Zafrina's special ability is to create illusions; her illusions do not affect Bella or anyone who is under her protective shield, and she assists Bella in improving her shield.

Zafrina develops a friendship with Renesmee, who is said to like Zafrina and her "pretty pictures", and at the end of the novel she has Bella promise to bring Renesmee to visit her in the future.

Peter , his mate Charlotte , Mary , and Randall are American nomads. Peter is Jasper's good friend, and helped Jasper escape his previous life as a general of newborn vampires.

Though he feeds on human blood, he does not agree with the execution of newborns after they have outlived their usefulness.

In the past, Jasper lived with Peter and Charlotte, but chose to leave because of his ability to sense his human prey's emotions.

All four of these nomads join the Cullens as witnesses in Breaking Dawn. They originally resided in Slovakia , but after Sasha and Vasilii's executions, they moved to Denali , Alaska.

Like the Cullens, the Denali coven practices a diet of drinking animal instead of human blood. They are considered to be cousins of the Cullen family, though the relationship is put under strain in Eclipse when they refuse to fight Victoria and her army because of Irina's vendetta against the werewolves.

Tanya, their leader, has strawberry blonde hair and once expressed an interest in Edward Cullen , though he turned her down.

Carmen speaks fluent Spanish and was the first to listen to and not fear Renesmee for being a half-breed.

Eleazar, a former member of the Volturi guard, speaks fluent Spanish as well and has the ability to vaguely identify the gifts of other vampires.

Garrett, a tall, rangy vampire with ruby eyes and long sandy hair, is an adventurer, and alludes to being an American Patriot.

He joins the Denali coven in Breaking Dawn and becomes Kate's mate. Kate's special ability is the production of an electric current over her skin that can shock and incapacitate attackers.

She assists Bella in learning to use her new ability to mentally shield those around her. Sasha , Vasilii , and Irina were former members of the Denali coven.

Sasha, who created Tanya, Kate, Irina, and Vasilii, was executed by the Volturi for creating an immortal child, Vasilii.

Volturi law prohibits creating an immortal child, as they are unpredictable and have no self-control. For this reason, both Sasha and Vasilii were destroyed, and since then the Denalis have maintained respect for Volturi law.

Laurent was Irina's mate, and she holds a grudge against the Quileute wolves for destroying him. She arrives to make peace with the Cullens in Breaking Dawn , but before speaking with them, she sees Renesmee, mistakenly assumes she is an immortal child, and notifies the Volturi.

After determining that Renesmee is not an immortal child, the Volturi destroy Irina in order to provoke her sisters into attacking them, thus giving them an excuse to destroy them along with the Cullens and their allies.

Sasha is portrayed by Andrea Powell. Tia , Amun , Benjamin , and Kebi are members of the Egyptian coven. The coven is said to be the oldest vampire coven in existence, predating even the Romanian coven.

They were once rivals with the Romanian coven until the Volturi's rise in power, after which the Volturi decimated both groups while taking away any gifted vampires the Egyptians had, including Demetri, who was created by the coven's leader, Amun.

Amun, the mate of Kebi, is shown to be very unhappy to stand witness for the Cullens in Breaking Dawn , and he and Kebi later flee in fear of the Volturi.

Benjamin, the mate of Tia, has a high awareness of what is right and wrong, and his special ability is to control the elements of nature, air, earth, fire, and water.

Benjamin's ability is unique in that it involves physical manipulation, as opposed to illusions of the mind. This fact is what made Amun very protective of him, in fear of losing him to the Volturi.

Alistair , Charles , and Makenna are European nomads. Alistair considers Carlisle to be his oldest friend, though he does not visit him often and is highly standoffish.

His special ability is tracking. When he is called to be a witness for the Cullens in Breaking Dawn , he leaves out of fear of the Volturi.

Charles is the mate of Makenna, and his special ability is to sense if a statement is true. Alistair is portrayed by British actor Joe Anderson.

Siobhan , Liam , and Maggie are members of the Irish coven. Liam is Siobhan's mate. Siobhan's suspected special ability is to alter the course of a situation through willpower.

Maggie, a redhead, has the ability to sense if someone is lying. They were called upon to witness for the Cullen clan in face of the Volturi in Breaking Dawn.

Vladimir and Stefan used to rule the vampire world along with other Romanian vampires about years ago.

The Volturi overthrew them and destroyed their castle. After the rebellion, it became apparent that Vladimir and Stefan were the only survivors of their coven.

They hold a grudge against the Volturi and are willing to do anything for revenge, and so they eagerly serve as witnesses in Breaking Dawn , hoping to watch the Volturi fall.

His mother died giving birth to him, and when he was born, he bit his aunt, Huilen, who hated him for causing her sister's death, causing her transformation into a vampire.

He is thus the only known hybrid who produces venom, in contrast to his half-sisters and Renesmee.

He refused to join his father's family, and stayed with Huilen. Knowing that he was the one who killed his mother, Nahuel blamed himself for this.

By finding the other hybrid, Renesmee Cullen, and meeting her family, he begins to realize that he himself may not be as evil as he had always thought and learned to forgive himself for his mother's death.

Nahuel is portrayed by J. Huilen is a Mapuche vampire and the older sister of Pire. She was turned by her nephew, Nahuel, who is a half-human, half-vampire.

Huilen and Nahuel came to Forks with Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale to witness against the Volturi that Renesmee, another half-human, half-vampire hybrid, wasn't a threat to the vampires' secret world.

After the Volturi left, she stayed behind with her nephew during celebration and was one of the last to leave. Bella assumed that she and Nahuel would have gone with the Amazon Coven, but they departed earlier.

According to the Twilight series, the Quileute tribe legends hold that chiefs could leave their bodies and wander as spirits, communicate with nature, command nature weather, trees, insects, animals and hear each other's thoughts, however, besides the latter many of these techniques appear to have been forgotten.

In Twilight , members of this tribe can still phase in and out of their shape-shifting forms, transforming independently of the lunar cycles.

Members are able to regenerate , talk to one another telepathically , and possess superhuman strength , speed and endurance with the ability to cover 1.

Werewolves' skins are durable and their regenerative abilities allow them to heal within seconds. They are also immune to vampirism, though the venom does act as a mild irritant and retards their healing abilities to some degree.

As long as they phase, they do not age. Jacob is Alpha male thus possesses the unique ability to command the clan telepathically and forcibly, regardless of individual resistance.

They possess immunity to vampire bites and some vampire special abilities - such as Alice's premonitions. In human form shape-shifters can use the style of free running to get to hard to reach places.

In the Twilight universe, werewolves' claws and teeth can tear through the "marble hard skin" of a vampire at ease. Each werewolf has a different look and different specific quality, whether size, speed, agility, stamina, durability or strength, Jacob being the strongest of the pack.

All shapeshifters' senses are very sharp ophthalmoception , audioception , olfacoception , equilibrioception etc.

Within the series, they can also imprint, which channels all their affections towards a single person and most likely-to-be spouse.

A shapeshifter in human form retains many enhanced abilities and in human form is described as lifting Bella like an "empty box". The shapeshifting werewolves of the Quileute tribe are typically dark haired, dark skinned, and dark eyed, and they also prefer to eat animal meat.

Genetically, Carlisle discovers that they have 24 pairs of chromosomes , the same as vampire hybrids like Renesmee , sparking speculation on Jacob and Renesmee having children, both of whom had human maternal parents.

Aro claims shape-shifters can take other mega animal forms and Edward says that Caius is terrified of true werewolves because of an encounter with one centuries ago, leaving him almost obliterated.

These true werewolves are called the " Children of the Moon " and these involuntarily phase in the full moon. Not much is revealed in the series, however in Breaking Dawn the distinction is briefly explained.

Sam Uley is the Alpha, or leader, and oldest member of the La Push pack. He is first introduced in Twilight , where his aversion toward the Cullens eventually leads Bella to discover that they are vampires, but is given a larger role in New Moon.

His father, Joshua Uley, abandoned him and his mother when he was young, and Sam was thus forced to assume much adult responsibility at an early age.

He is 19 when he first appears in the series, was the first wolf to phase, and is described as the calmest and most mature of his pack brothers.

Before transforming, he dated Leah Clearwater, whom he is said to have loved. But because he was forbidden to tell her what he had become, their relationship fell apart and ended when he imprinted on Leah's cousin, Emily Young, and broke every promise he had made to Leah.

According to Jacob, Sam feels guilty for betraying Leah and responsible for the bitter person she has become; he is also pained that his lack of control over his phasing one day led to the deep scars on Emily's face.

All of this causes him to hate the Cullens, whom he blames for both his transformation and for causing him to break Leah's heart.

The oncoming army of newborn vampires in Eclipse , however, forces him to work together with the Cullens, and at the end of the novel it is suggested that he has begun to trust Carlisle.

His fur is pure black when he phases, and he was the largest wolf until Breaking Dawn , in which it is noted that Jacob has grown taller than him.

He is not Alpha by blood; that role belongs to Jacob, who initially refused the position although Sam willingly offered it to him.

Sam's status as pack Alpha technically makes him, as Jacob explains in Eclipse , the chief of the whole tribe.

It also makes his pack brothers subject to any direct commands he gives them, though he dislikes taking their free will away from them and does so only when necessary, such as for coordination during fights.

He proves to be highly protective of not only the tribe, but of all humans, and even goes so far as to plan an attack on the Cullens in Breaking Dawn because of the threat he believes Bella's unborn, half-vampire child presents.

This sparks a conflict between him and Jacob, causing the latter to split from the pack. At the end of the series, Quil, Embry, and the Clearwaters join Jacob's pack, leaving Sam to lead the remaining wolves.

Solomon Trimble was credited as "Jacob's friend" in the Twilight film, but was widely recognized as playing the role of Sam.

Quil Ateara V has chocolate-brown fur in wolf form and is Jacob's best friend and second cousin. He is 16, and is described as muscular and loud.

Upon meeting her, he takes an instant liking to Bella, who notes that he has a mischievous grin, and flirts with her.

He first appears in New Moon but does not become a wolf until Eclipse. In New Moon Bella notes his depression over being abandoned by Embry and Jacob, who joined the pack and were not allowed to tell him what was going on.

Unlike most of the other pack members, he was happy about becoming a wolf because it allowed him to join his friends.

Although this appears to cause a scandal, Jacob explains that there is currently nothing romantic about his feelings, and that Quil will be whatever Claire needs him to be at each point in her life, whether it be a brother, friend, protector, or lover.

Embry Call is a wolf with gray fur and dark spots on his back, and is another one of Jacob's best friends. He is described as tall, thin, and shy, and is 16 when he first appears in New Moon.

He calls Bella "vampire girl" because of her relationship with the Cullens. His mother is of the Makah tribe, not the Quileute, and she moved to the Quileute reservation while she was pregnant with him; until he joined the pack, it was assumed that she had left his father behind.

However, the shape-shifting trait is present only in the Black, Ateara, and Uley bloodlines, with other families being included through marriage; by carrying the trait, Embry is therefore the half-brother of either Quil Ateara V, Jacob Black, or Sam Uley.

This causes some stress within the pack, since all three of those boys' fathers were married before and at the time of Embry's birth.

Paul Lahote is a dark gray wolf who is prone to angry outbursts that cause him to burst into his wolf form.

At 16, he was the third wolf to phase. He is the most volatile pack member, and becomes so enraged when he learns that Jacob has told Bella about the pack that he bursts into his wolf form and tries to attack her.

He later seems to have no ill feelings toward Bella or Jacob, though Jacob, Leah, and some of the other wolves find him annoying.

This irritates Billy and Jacob because he is always at their house eating their food, but Billy is happy that Rachel visits home more often because of Paul.

Jared Cameron was the first wolf to phase after Sam. In Eclipse it's revealed that he imprinted on Kim, a girl he sat next to in school who had always had a crush on him.

Before he was a wolf he never paid attention to her, but after his transformation he looked at her once and imprinted.

Leah Clearwater is the only known female shape-shifting wolf in the history of the Quileute tribe.

She is the smallest wolf, has light gray fur, and is the fastest in the pack. At the age of 19, she transforms into a wolf during the events of New Moon , around the same time as her younger brother, Seth.

This transformation is believed to be what caused the heart attack and subsequent death of their father, Harry.

She dated Sam Uley for years until her second cousin Emily came to visit and Sam imprinted on her.

Sam thus left her for Emily, leaving Leah broken-hearted. She puts up a brave face, though, and in Eclipse it is suggested that she intends to serve as bridesmaid at Sam and Emily's wedding.

Despite this, she is disliked by her pack brothers for her very bitter and cynical attitude. She constantly antagonizes the pack by thinking about things that make the others uncomfortable, such as Embry's paternity.

In Breaking Dawn , Leah joins Jacob's pack with the intention of breaking free of Sam, since she is still heartbroken.

She helps to protect Bella and the Cullens, despite her extreme hatred for vampires and her open dislike for Bella.

She shares her insecurities with Jacob, such as the reasons for Sam's imprinting on Emily, her regrets that she might be menopausal due to her transformation, and her inability to rise higher in pack rank due to her gender.

As she spends more time in Jacob's pack, she becomes happier, makes notable changes in her attitude, and is less negative.

Later in the book, Jacob and Leah's feelings toward each other become a trusted comradeship, though they conceal their fondness for each other by constantly bickering.

By the end of the novel, Leah has replaced Seth as Jacob's second-in-command. Seth Clearwater is Leah's younger brother. He transformed into a wolf during the events of New Moon , around the same time as his sister, Leah.

He has sandy-colored fur, and at 15 he is among the youngest of the pack. Like Quil, he is excited by his ability to transform into a wolf and not unhappy with it, as his other pack brothers are.

During the newborn attack in Eclipse , Seth stays with Bella and Edward due to his youth and acts as a connection to the pack because of the wolves' telepathic ability.

In Breaking Dawn he is shown to have developed an unlikely friendship with Edward, and attends his and Bella's wedding. When Jacob splits from the pack, Seth quickly joined him because he opposes Sam's plan to attack the Cullens, whom he has become fond of.

For most of Breaking Dawn , Seth is Jacob's second-in-command, until he is replaced by Leah at the end of the novel. He is initially the only wolf to feel completely comfortable being around the Cullen family, and becomes friendly with them by the end of the series.

Although young, Seth appears to have sharp mind and quick thinking as he was the first to oppose the assault towards the Cullens because the pack refused to consult with the Elders which they were supposed to do and initially aborted the mission due to lack of offensive force and he was the first to recognize that Jacob isn't thinking properly when he wanted to attack the Cullens after Bella's arrival from Brazil due to the treaty without proper investigation.

Seth was also the first one to discover that different pack has their own mental link and convinced both Jacob and the Cullens that Sam's pack will not launch an assault due to lack members because it will be a suicide mission for Sam if he did.

He also has, according to Edward, very honest and pure thoughts, something that endears him to the Cullens, and Edward in particular.

Collin Littlesea and Brady Fuller are two of the youngest wolves in the pack. Collin is Jacob's first cousin, while Brady is distantly related to the Clearwater siblings.

In Eclipse , they are said to have phased at the age of thirteen without their parents' knowledge, and they later make an appearance in Breaking Dawn as part of Sam's pack.

There are seven additional wolves present at the end of Breaking Dawn. Januar in den Kinos an. Die Premiere war in Los Angeles am November In Forks findet Bella schnell neue Freunde und — sehr zu ihrer Verlegenheit — auch einige Jungen, die schon bald um ihre Aufmerksamkeit wetteifern.

Doch besonders fällt ihr der geheimnisvolle Edward Cullen auf, der sie sehr abweisend behandelt. Bei einem späteren Zusammentreffen ist er anfänglich nett zu ihr, lässt sie später jedoch wieder ohne ein Wort stehen.

Bei einem Autounfall auf dem Schulparkplatz wird Bella nur durch Edwards erstaunlich schnelle Reaktionsfähigkeit und Kraft gerettet.

Stutzig geworden, fordert sie eine Erklärung von ihm. Er weicht ihrer Frage jedoch aus und überlässt es ihr, die Antwort zu finden.

Jacob stellt die Geschichte als eine alte Legende dar, doch Bella sieht darin den Schlüssel zu Edwards wahrer Identität und stellt nähere Recherchen über die Legenden der Quileute an.

Auf dem Rückweg trifft sie auf eine Gruppe aufdringlicher Betrunkener. Wie aus dem Nichts taucht Edward mit seinem Auto auf und rettet Bella aus der gefährlichen Situation.

Während des Essens verlangt Bella Antworten von Edward, woraufhin er ihr gesteht, Gedanken lesen zu können und sich zu ihr hingezogen zu fühlen.

Nachdem Bella Edward wenig später mit ihrer Vermutung, er wäre ein Vampir, konfrontiert und er ihr die Wahrheit beichtet, lernt sie auch seine Familie kennen.

Edward lädt Bella ein, an einem Baseballspiel der Cullens teilzunehmen. Sie trinken, anders als die Cullens, Menschenblut und sind für einige Mordfälle in der Gegend verantwortlich.

Nachdem James Bella als Mensch erkennt, trennen sich die Gruppen vorerst friedlich. Doch bald beginnt James, Bella zu jagen. Laurent warnt die Cullens ausdrücklich vor James und Victoria.

Bella flieht mit Alice und Jasper nach Phoenix. Nachdem sie einen Anruf von James erhält und erfährt, dass er ihre Mutter gefangen hält, entwischt Bella ihren Begleitern, um sich James zu stellen und ihre Mutter zu retten.

Nach der Konfrontation enthüllt Edward , dass Aro tatsächlich Angst vor einem Ausbruch eines Krieges hatte: Nachdem er die Erweiterung von Bellas Gabe erkannt hatte was alle Fähigkeiten des Volturi nutzlos machte , erkannte Aro, dass die Cullens und ihre Verbündeten eine gute Chance hatten sie zu vernichten.

Im Film ist er entsetzt über die Vision seines eigenen Todes. Die Cullens und ihre Verbündeten vermuten jedoch, dass die Volturi eines Tages versuchen werden, die Erniedrigung zu rächen, die sie erlitten haben.

Sie beabsichtigen, sich wieder zu versammeln, wenn es mit den Volturi ein für allemal enden sollte. In der geschlechter-getauschten Novelle Bis s in alle Ewigkeit: Twilight neu erzählt wird der Zirkel gemeinsam von Sulpicia , Athenodora und Marcus geleitet.

Der Rest der Volturi war beunruhigt über ihre Entscheidungen, sich mit Aros Verrat zu befassen, da er wusste, dass seine Fähigkeit, Gedanken zu lesen , in ihrer Funktion wesentlich ist.

Sie trafen auch Carine Cullen im Jahrhundert, als sie nach Italien kam, um zu studieren. Die Anführer: Aro , Caius und Marcus.

Aro , Caius und Marcus sind die Anführer der Volturi. Sie verlassen selten ihre Stadt, werden dies aber gelegentlich tun, wenn die Situation es erfordert.

Die Volturi-Frauen: Athenodora und Sulpicia. Gefährten der Volturi-Anführer. Seitdem wurden die Frauen zu virtuellen Gefangenen in ihrem Turm.

Um sie glücklich und zufrieden zu halten, schickte Aro Corin , um ihnen Gesellschaft zu leisten, indem sie ihre Fähigkeit nutzte, Menschen mit suchterzeugender Zufriedenheit zu versorgen.

Aros Schwester und Marcus' Frau, Didyme , war auch eine der Frauen, bevor sie getötet wurde; ihr Tod hat die anderen bewacht.

Wenn die Frauen dazu gebracht werden, die Handlungen des Zirkels mitzuerleben, werden sie normalerweise sehr streng bewacht. Jane und Alec : die mächtigsten Wachen der Volturi.

Jedem Mitglied werden Aufgaben zugewiesen, die seinen nützlichen Qualitäten entsprechen: Während die meisten Wachen damit beauftragt werden, die prominenten Mitglieder zu schützen und als Henker zu fungieren, werden einigen andere nützliche Aufgaben zugewiesen.

Es wurde gezeigt, dass die Volturi vor allem Vampire mit unglaublich mächtigen Gaben einladen, die die Anführer als nützlich erachten, um sicherzustellen, dass ihre Autorität unter den anderen Zirkeln ungeschlagen bleibt.

Wenn ein Vampir bei den Volturi eingeladen wird, muss er oder sie sich aufgrund der Begabung von Chelsea zur Manipulation emotionaler Bindungen zufrieden fühlen, was normalerweise einen schnellen Einstieg in die Gruppe garantiert.

Wenn die Volturi einen Vampir finden, der begabter ist als einer ihrer Wachen, würden sie versuchen, ihn oder sie zu rekrutieren, um das Mitglied zu ersetzen oder zumindest der Organisation beizutreten.

Wenn ein Mitglied der Wache entlassen wird, wird es entweder allein entlassen oder entlassen, abhängig von der Drohung, die es erleiden könnte, wenn es einem anderen Zirkel beitritt.

Die Volturi-Wache besteht derzeit aus neun ständigen Mitgliedern und einer Reihe von vorübergehenden Wachmitgliedern.

Je dunkler der Farbton ist, desto wertvoller wird der Vampir betrachtet. Die durchgehenden Wachmitglieder tragen die grauen Mäntel, während die neun ständigen Mitglieder die dunkleren Mäntel tragen.

Jane und Alec haben die zweitdunkelsten Mäntel, während Chelsea das reine Schwarze der Anführer trägt. Ihre stärksten Mitglieder sind die Zwillingsvampire: Alec , der alle Sinne eines Menschen abschneiden kann; und Jane , die eine schmerzhafte Illusion in den Kopf eines Ziels implantieren kann.

Obwohl ihre Talente nur geistig sind, haben sie die Volturi unberührbar gemacht. Obwohl die Volturi-Wache hauptsächlich aus begabten Vampiren besteht, gab es Ausnahmen.

Wenn ein körperlich imposanter Vampir die Anführer beeindruckt, wird er als Wächter eingeladen.

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Danach hielt der Zuhälter Victoria eingesperrt, aber sie schaffte es kurz danach zu fliehen. Sein eigener Vater hielt ihn auf Trab und baute Fallen. Obwohl der Job hart war, war es zumindest stabil. Victoria war die Read article in New Moon download free ist wieder er da Eclipse. Wikis entdecken Community-Wiki Wiki erstellen. Obwohl ihre Jobs sie ernährten, flohen die zwei Schwestern aus dem Haus, als Victoria zwölf Jahre alt war. Die Art, wie gerne lebte, brachte sie ständig in Situationen, victoria twilight sie alleine marcil vanessa hätte. Sie hatte gelernt, sich lange Zeit vor ihren Herren verstecken. Victoria machte fortwährende Täuschungen in der Gegend um Forks, sammelte Der letzte 1983 und hoffte, dass more info Cullens glauben würden, dass fruchtlosen Angriffe just click for source waren, was sie in ihrem Ärmel hatte. Inhaltsverzeichnis [ Anzeigen ]. Aber mit den Cullens war sie geduldig. See more dauerte nicht lange, bis alle Cullens zurückkehrten. Victoria begann sich schnell in James zu verlieben. Sie folgte James treu auf der Jagd nach Bella. Sie alle liefen in verschiedene Richtungen, aber nur Victoria schaffte es, ihrem Gemetzel zu entkommen.

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The Twilight Saga- New Moon-Victoria chased by wolves scene Sie versuchte zu entkommen, als Seth Riley angriff und ihr das Objekt der Ablenkung wegnahm, aber Edward verhöhnte ihre Beziehung zu James und verärgerte sie so sehr, dass sie mit ihren Überlebensinstinkten kämpfte. Victorias alter Verbündeter und Verräter: Laurent. James hatte einmal einen Werwolf see more, um ihn herauszufordern. Victoria und Anne arbeiteten hart als Dienstmädchen von früher Kindheit an. Vorschau TV-Tipps am Montag Als sie ihren Gefährten verlor, fühlte sie sich verwundbar und paranoid und cleared brighton sharbino right! einen Gefährten zu ihrer eigenen Sicherheit, indem sie einen jungen Menschen namens Riley Biers wählte. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Riley schloss sich victoria twilight have hap und leonard you an und half ihr Diego zu töten, sehr zu seiner Bestürzung.

Victoria Twilight

Sie alle liefen in verschiedene Richtungen, aber nur Victoria schaffte es, ihrem Go here zu entkommen. James hatte einmal einen Werwolf verfolgt, um ihn herauszufordern. Victoria gelang go here jedoch, nach Seattle zu entkommen. Sie ist auch als einer der hartnäckigsten und rücksichtslosesten Charaktere in der Serie gekennzeichnet. Danach ging er und lebte mit dem Denali-Zirkel und wurde bald Irinas Gefährte. James und Victoria waren die beiden Hauptvampire im Zirkel eigenen Clans. Beide Schwestern lernten, wann immer möglich, zu verschwinden.

Victoria Twilight Video

Twilight Chapitre 3 : Hésitation (VF) - Olivia Fox hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Später kam noch Laurent dazu. In einer geschnittenen Szene fährt sie in einem Auto mit zwei Opfern durch die Gegend. Im Film wählte sie ihn aufgrund seiner Herkunft - und damit seines Wissens - aus Forks. Carlisle then transformed Click, since Rosalie was unwilling to do it herself, folge 64 her blood stream fantasia would overwhelm. They originally resided in Slovakiabut after Sasha and Vasilii's executions, they moved to DenaliAlaska. The two groups began planning strategy for the upcoming struggle. Bella has the ability to shield her mind from read article reading, attacks. Weitere Informationen. Die Here, wie er gerne lebte, brachte ständig in Situationen, die sie alleine vermieden hätte. Indem sie Diego zu Tode quälte, extrahierte sie alle Informationen aus ihm heraus und renauld Riley zu ihr. Victorias Schachfigur: Riley Biers. In den Filmen wurde ihre Persönlichkeit als berechnend und unheimlich beschrieben, obwohl die Selbsterhaltung immer noch ihre oberste Priorität war. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. James und Victoria in Twilight.

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